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Declaration 127

: Awaken The North :

The organizations listed below represent a truly diverse set of voices within modern Heathenry. They represent national organizations, resource centers, local kindreds, as well as a plethora of authors and community leaders from every possible branch of our religion and walk of life. These independent organizations have signed this article due to a single shared interest.


To state their complete denunciation of, and disassociation from, the Asatru Folk Assembly.

The Asatru Folk Assembly (hereinafter referred to as the AFA) has a long and well-documented history of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identity. In a recent statement the AFA declared point blank that non-white and LGBT Heathens were not welcome in their tradition. While the undersigned organizations listed here fully recognize the AFA’s right to govern themselves as they see fit, and with full autonomy, we hereby exercise the same right.


We will not promote, associate, or do business with the AFA as an organization

so long as they maintain these discriminatory policies.

The AFA’s views do not represent our communities. We hereby declare that we do not condone hatred or discrimination carried out in the name of our religion, and will no longer associate with those who do. We will not grant the tacit approval of silence in the name of frið, to those who would use our traditions to justify prejudice on the basis of race, nationality, orientation, or gender identity.


The AFA is free to stand for whatever principles it sees fit.

They are free to stand alone.







    After the schism after the news many of us already knew about the Asatru Folk Assembly. It's now on us to strengthen Asatru and to show the world that Asatru isn't a religion of hate. Every freethinker should support and stick together in this time. I speak to those businesses and organizations who signed the Declaration 127 to think of ways to expand Asatru and think big. We are all in this together and we will always be there for each other. Hail the Gods and make them see our deeds!



hvars þú böl kannt kveðu þat bölvi at ok gefat þínum fjándum frið
“When you see misdeeds, speak out against them, and give your enemies no frið”
Hávamál 127

The above declaration has been approved by the following organizations:

Alliance For Inclusive Heathenry

Allthing Ásatrú México

Alrekstadìr Laug

American Asatru Association

American Celebration Kindred

American Viking

Asatro i Skandinavien

Asatru Gathering

Asatru Kindred of Northern Alberta

Autumns Rain Woodburning

Awaken the North

Bauernhof Kindred

Black Stone Hermitage

Blótlaug for Anarkistiske Asatro

Calgary Heathens

Chase Hill Folk

Clan des neufs montagnes / Nine Mountains Kindred

Clan of the Golden Flame

Clearwater Kindred

Crossroads Kindred

Custom Cranium

Deb’s Den

Dragestil WoodWorking

Dragon Pine Kindred

Dragon’s Hearth Ministry

Eplagarðr Kindred

Forn Sed Cascadia

Forn Sed (Sweden)

Forsete Blotlaug

Fraser’s Gifts and Oddities

Freyswald Freehold

Frigga’s Wisdom Hearth

F- Heaven And Hell I’m Going To Valhalla

GreenAxe Hearth

Golden Birch ProtoGrove

Golden Gate Kindred

Gollinkambi Kindred

Grundsau Burrow

Hammered Heathen Gaming

Hammer Heart Forge

Happily Heathen

Hawk’s Hearth Kindred

Hail and Horn Gathering

Heathen Freehold

Heathens Against Hate

Heathens United Against Racism


Heidenen van de Lage Landen

Heidens Web

Hrafnar Kindred

Hrafn Úlfr Hold

Huginn’s Heathen Hof

Hunter’s Vættir kindred

Hvergelmir (British Isles)

Hvergelmir (Canada)

Hvergelmir Heimstadir

Hvergelmir (International)

Hvergelmir (US)

Jarngreipr Kindred

Jormungandr MC

Jotnars Might Hearth

Kenaz Kindred

Kindred Corvos de Pedra

Kindred Irminsul

Kindred of Mann

KornuKopia Gathering

Lokabrenna Kindred

Mjolnir’s Forge Kindred

Modern Day Viking

Mountain Ancestors Grove

Muscadine Kindred

Njordrs Nook

Nornirs Ætt

Northeast Ohio Spirit of the Earth Circle

Northern Utah Midgard Asatru Kindred

Odinson Meadery

Order of Yggdrasil

Ormkonur Kindred

Paganes Leben Berlin

Polaris Björn Kindred

Raven’s Knoll

Raven’s Nest

Rúnatýr Kindred

Rune Lore for All

Runhamr Independent Asatru Kindred

Sacramento Heathen Fellowship

Saga Press

Serpent Lake Kindred

Sheltering Hall Kindred

Shield wall kindred of Utah

Soul Charts and Treasures

Strong Roots and Wide Branches

The American Heathen

The Asatru Community

The Green Wolf

The Guild

The Heathen Underground

The Lady Feral

The Lady’s Quill

The Mead Hall

The Norse Mythology Blog

The Order of the Ravens

The Pagan Granny

The Pursuit of Sól

The Rational Heathen

The Raven Banner

The Runic Otter

The Svinfylking

The Troth

The Twisted Grove

The Wyrd Path

The Yngfolk

Thorlief Kindred

Thornhaven Grove

Thor’s Hollow Retreat

Three Raven Kindred

Thunder Grey Pilgrim

Torch and Hailstone

Trolddom Hall

Twisted Tree Studio

Úlfey Ásatrú Norsk Sed México

Uruz Kindred

Úthellingu Kindred

Well & Tree Gathering

Whirling Wheel Kindred

White Dog Hearth

Wildfire Kindred

World Tree Healing

World Tree Kindred of Chicago

Vanic Conspiracy of RedWood Tradition

Vargulf Kindred of Reno, NV

Vetrarblað Kindred

Vindisir Kindred

Wodans Way Kindred

Yggdrasil Ásatrú Association of Costa Rica

Yggdrasil Hearth

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